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by Platform Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


Hide details for  5.0.7 5.0.7
Hide details for AdministrationAdministration
CII4JSGUHFixed a problem where Changing the Subsystem name using Op Nav destroys Domino partitioned server IP information.
Hide details for DECSDECS
TDEY4UJL4TFixed a problem where the P(pack decimal) key field could not be initialized by DECS.
Hide details for DOLSDOLS
KHKM4Q99Z2Fixed a problem where the subscription title containing DBCS characters was not displayed correctly.
Hide details for Full-text indexingFull-text indexing
HSKM4RX28UFixed a problem where searching File systems yielded the incorrect display of the resulting URL.
BLEE4JC4VYFixed a problem where the index on a database with GBK file name did not work.
Hide details for HTTPHTTP
CDCO4TRKXAFixed a problem where the View column(category) intermittently disappears in an embedded category view.
BMKN4M8DMNFixed a problem where the Domino HTTP server shows the CGI program output incorrectly.
Hide details for HTTP ServerHTTP Server
DMON4UMLYZFixed a problem where a user-written DSAPI filter that takes an exception caused a server crash.
DMON4S6SYTFixed a memory leak that occurred when running a Java agent.
DMON4S6SYTFixed a memory leak that occurred when running a Java agent.
Hide details for Install & SetupInstall & Setup
DYUU4U49E3Fixed a problem where the Language Pack installation percentage was wrong.
SIWA4QDAMDFixed a problem where DOLS Admin DB name was not changed after CHGDOMSVR
Hide details for LotusScriptLotusScript
RNAO4V8SCRFixed a problem where the LotusScript Sleep() function did not wait the specified amount of time.
Hide details for Mail ServerMail Server
DMON4LXMWZProvided a fix for a potential crash on RESTART SERVER when other Notes API programs are running and multiple mailboxes are enabled on the...
Hide details for ServerServer
TACN4QHPZRFixed a problem where the message "Insufficient memory for attempted security operation" was displayed on the Domino console which sometime would...
DHAR4UKQSAFixed a problem where SAVDOMBRM will not save files greater than 2 GIG -1 byte.
JBRT4CPLQJFixed a problem that resulted in VLOGs occurring - Synchronization major=2100 minor=0143.
AHOE4LCRDRFixed a problem where console or client messages such as "Invalid formula structure", "Too many concurrent formula evals", or "Insufficient mem for...
TACN4QHPZRFixed a problem where the error "Insufficient memory for attempted security operation" is displayed on the Domino console.


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